Fashion Footwear Startup

Fashion Footwear Startup

Munjoi Footwear

Videography / Editing

project description

Andy Levine worked with Patrick Hogan, Founder of Munjoi Footwear on a promotional video for his new company’s flagship launch item. This lightweight environmentally friendly sneaker converts into a sandal with a few simple adjustments. The aim was to show the style and ease of transition of the shoe for prospective investors and also as an introduction to what this new brand represented.

Munjoi Footwear Promo


Patrick Hogan / Founder & CEO

It’s truly a pleasure working with Andy! As the founder of a small footwear startup I work with a lot of different types of independent contractors…some good and some not so good. Andy was absolutely GREAT! Not only is he an expert in photo/video but I really appreciated his honesty and genuine interest in providing great service. Having someone who will respond to you quickly and always ready to help means so much to me. I will definitely be using Andy to help create more photo/video content for me in the future!


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